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Database of intra-genome paralogy in eukaryote protein-coding genes

Search, browse and download intra-genome paralogy data of protein-coding genes in these eukaryote species. We are working fast to include more species. Visit our tutorial and glossary to know more about paralogyDB and how to better use it.

Featured organisms:
Wise man
Homo Sapiens
Thale cress
Arabidopsis thaliana
Fruit fly
Drosophila melanogaster
House mouse
Mus musculus
Pan troglodytes
Gene ID Enrichment

Enrich for:
Paralogy & domain IDs
Paralogy & Gene onthology

IDs are discriminated by:
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Classify your genes and sequences

Classify one or all of genes and sequences retrived from any desired species using one of paralogy classifiers methods of paralogyDB.

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Draw networks

Search for a gene ID or Domain ID and draw a network of gene-gene paralogy relation or a network of gene-domain relation and download your network.

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